Choosing A Client Radio

  • Compatibility with HamWAN — HamWAN sectors run Mikrotik nv2 TDMA mode in 5 and 10 MHz channels on 5.9 GHz. At the time of this writing, this requires a Mikrotik 802.11a/n modem (their 802.11ac modems cannot do 5 or 10 MHz channels) that is not frequency locked to Part 15.
  • Predicted signal strength in your area vs antenna gain — areas with strong signal have more options for smaller antennas
  • Are you served by a MIMO site? If so, you’ll get the best speeds out of MIMO hardware
  • Potential for icing — when icing is expected, stick to solid antennas and radoios. Grid antennas attract ice.
  • Load rating of your support structure
  • Price